Creating Transformative Online Courses

For Coaches, Service Providers, and Thought Leaders
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Ready to make a bigger impact but overwhelmed by the course creation process?

You’re a busy, sought-after coach, thought leader, or service provider. Your audience can’t get enough of your expertise, your calendar is full, and you need a scalable way to serve more people and diversify your income streams.

You’ve built your authority coaching and serving clients 1:1. 

Now it’s time to turn that knowledge into a 1:many learning experience like a course or ebook.

But teaching through a video or workbook is different from teaching live.

How do you make sure learners are keeping up when you can’t see or talk to them?

How do you organize information in a logical way?

How do you find time to create all the content on top of everything you’re already doing?

You focus on what you do best. Leave the planning and production to me.

Creating a Transformative Online Course

Step 1.

We’ll define the goals of your course, both for your learners and your business.

Step 2.

We’ll determine a way to measure the transformation your students experience.

Step 3.

We work backwards from the end goal to select the necessary content and most effective instructional methods for your course.

Meet the Teacher

My name is Jennifer (she/her) and I help smart, empathetic coaches and service providers share their knowledge and grow their revenue through learning design and information product creation. I know what it’s like to spin my wheels trying to grow 1:1 client work, and love sharing what I’ve learned about scaling my impact and my income.

Online Course Services

I offer several options for creating and improving your online course:

  • 1-hour study hall sessions to brainstorm or solve a specific problem
  • 1-month orientation packages to create a full syllabus and production plan for your course
  • Full production support including content writing, course platform setup, and project-managing video, audio, or workbook production


It was so valuable to have you organize all my source material into a concise, pedagogically-sound ebook course. Your enthusiasm for your clients sets you apart from others. I appreciate how clear your communication is, and how timely your deliverables are. Your attention to detail is also stellar. It makes my job much easier.

Cynthia Pong

Career Strategist for BIWOCs, Embrace Change

I get great feedback (and results) from my course, but I was looking for ideas to make sure it was as easy as possible for people to maintain momentum through the course and get to the other side. Now I have some great ideas on how to motivate students, help them move through the work and ensure I’m catering to different learning styles.

Kate Richardson

Executive Coach

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