Learn to teach better from an award winning teacher ...

Welcome to The Course Catalyst! My name is Jennifer Duann Fultz, and unlike many online course creators, I actually have classroom teaching experience and a master’s degree in education. 

I taught high school biology for three years before starting my business, which means I am great at several things:

  • explaining complex ideas in an organized and fun way
  • motivating and encouraging learners of many abilities and backgrounds
  • making worksheets and laminating things
  • horrifying teenagers with the, uh, nuts and bolts of human reproduction (generally not relevant these days but an interesting skill nonetheless!)

…and online business owner (just like you!)

I’ve been in the online business and marketing space since 2012, which means I can teach all those things over the Internet with people I’ve never met before. This means I am also good at: 

  • finding out what people really need and want
  • seeing through the hype and assessing how well different platforms and tech actually work
  • knowing the difference between selling and teaching (most course platforms do one WAY better than the other…ask me about it!)

Associate Faculty

I’ve gotten where I am by knowing what I don’t know and connecting with other brainy people who can fill those gaps. Here are some experts I may consult during orientation or production. I can also collaborate with members of your team with relevant skills and expertise.

Kate Burgener (she/her)

Kate Burgener (she/her)

Department Chair of Interactive Document Design

Anna Hetzel (they/them)

Anna Hetzel (they/them)

Dean of Community Design & Facilitation

Christen Schneider (she/her)

Christen Schneider (she/her)

Director of Information Product Marketing

Joanne Machin (she/her)

Joanne Machin (she/her)

Provost of Editing & Client Care

Anita Kwan (she/her)

Anita Kwan (she/her)

Director of Videography

My Nerd Cred

  • My SAT scores were 680 (math) and 800 (verbal)
  • I took six AP classes and got 5’s on all exams except one (who needs AP Government anyway, clearly not this country)
  • I earned dual bachelor’s degrees in English and Molecular Genetics
  • I grubbed and scraped for my undergraduate GPA of 3.91 (thanks for nothing, impossible organic chemistry classes)
  • I was on the Jeopardy College Championship in 2009 but washed out in the quarterfinals.

Client Testimonials

Before working with Jen, I wasn’t sure the direction I wanted to take my business. I was at a crossroads, knew I wanted to do something different and unique, but was not having any luck coming up with ideas. Jen was a wealth of knowledge on others who have paved the way and offered a lot of creative solutions. She helped me look outside the box and find alternate routes that align with my personality and goals. I am excited and moving forward with all kinds of new ideas, whereas previously I was stalled out and frustrated.

Kara Hoholik

Digital Marketing Lead, Social for Good

Because of this workshop it really hit home that high-quality, applicable takeaways don’t have to take *hours* to learn and implement. I got a LOT from our power-packed session together and have been working those takeaways into my new program ever since.

Miish Grixti (she/her)

Copywriter and Launch Strategist

Why the Course Catalyst?

I’m so glad you asked! (pulls on lab coat and goggles) In a chemical reaction, a catalyst is a substance that reduces the activation energy needed for the reaction to proceed. You can think of activation energy as a hill that the reaction needs to get over. The catalyst reduces the size of the hill, meaning it’s easier and faster for the reaction to run. The catalyst itself is not used up in the reaction, so it can keep on catalyzing until the reactants, or starting materials, run out. My job is to leverage my professional experience and education to make the course creation process easier for you.